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Has Communications PortHas Communications Port
Has RS-232 PortHas RS-232 Port
Has RS-485 PortHas RS-485 Port
Output Power
Ouput is AC VoltageAC Voltage
Ouput is DC VoltageDC Voltage
Compatible withThermoelectric Modules (Peltier)Compatible with Thermoelectric Modules (Peltier)
Control Mode
Proportional+Integral+Derivative  ControlPID - Proportional+Integral+Differential
Proportional+Integral ControlPI - Proportional+Integral (no differential)
Proportional ControlP - Proportional (no integral or differential)
ON/OFF ControlOn/Off (for relays, valves, etc.)
Uses a Thermistor SensorThermistor
Uses a Thermocouple SensorThermocouple
Uses a Platinum RTD SensorPlatinum RTD
vdc or ma sensor inputvdc or ma sensor input