DC Voltage Temperature Controllers The Model 5C7-195, as of 15 OCTOBER 2002, has been replaced with a more powerful version, and it now has biphase output for automatic heat and cool as needed (with thermoelectric devices) as well as the uniphase control (either heat only or cool only).  See the  Description, Features and Prices

We also have AC benchtop controllers. PC compatible Benchtop AC controllers in the M5 series are under development. But you don't have to wait for a product announcement, we may be able to meet your application needs before that. Just let us know what you are looking for, or ask us what we can do to meet your application's requirements.

5C6-353 Laboratory Benchtop Controller

AC Voltage Temperature Controllers The Model 5C6-353 and Model 5C6-355 control AC devices using up to 15 amperes line voltage. This is PI control, not On/Off, and so it is best suited to resistive heaters (like nichrome wire) or other loads that can handle proportional AC control. See the Description, Features and Prices

DC Load Temperature Controllers for TEC, peltier modules, fans, or resistive heaters, etc. Proportional & On/Off control.

Descriptive Indexes and Searches

SKU  Volts(v)  Amperes(A)  °C
5C7-195 1-28v 10A -40-150°

5R7-001 0-36v 25A -50-300°
5R7-002 0-36v 25A -50-300°

5R7-388 0-36v 25A -200-400°

5C7-582 9-36v 28A+ -50-300°

5R7-570 3-28v 12.5A -20-150°

5R7-350 0-24v 7.5A -20-100°
5R7-347 0-24v 7.5A 0-120°