Model 5CX-500
(.1 to 15 Amperes)

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The Model 5CX-500 universal temperature controller will accommodate line voltage inputs from 100 VAC to 260 VAC without any wiring or other changes. The new electronics permit use over these voltages while maintaining its specifications. Multi-voltage versatility allows for single unit stocking even though usage may be over the entire voltage range.

This proportional,  "zero voltage firing" controller is designed to accept negative-temperature coefficient thermistor sensors with a resistance range from 150,000 to 600 ohms. Temperature ranges extend from -55° to +550°C when using our TX series probes.

The controller is designed for use in ambient operating temperatures form -20°C to +50°C and for use with resistive heater loads from 0.1 to 15 amps. Control accuracy to 0.1°C at the sensor probe is attainable. Proportional bandwidth is adjustable from 1°C to 10°C via an internal adjustment potentiometer.

The set point stability with respect to ambient changes is 0.05°C/°C and with respect to line voltage change is 0.005°C/volt. Noise immunity is designed into the controller to prevent damage by voltage disturbances in an industrial environment.

In summary, here are the features:

Implementation Notes

Mechanical Configuration (Standard).
Mechanical Configuration (Flanged - add "FL" as suffix to model number).
Heat Sink Considerations.

Some Typical Wiring Diagrams

STANDARD CONNECTIONS: Temperature sensor and heater should be thermally coupled for best performance. Controller is nonisolated, therefore load and sensor leads "must" remain ungrounded.

Low Voltage Heater - Wiring Diagram.
Load Current in Excess of Controller Specifications - Wiring Diagram.
Multiple Set Temperatures - Wiring Diagram.


MODEL 5CX-500 or 5CX-500FL
   Quantity 001 price: each
   Quantity 002 price: each
   Quantity 010 price: each
   Quantity 025 price: each
   Quantity 050 price: each
   Quantity 100 price: each
   Lower prices are available at higher volume.

Interchangeability Tolerance:

TX0A, TX0, TX1, TX1A . . . +/- 10% @ 25°C
TX2 . . . +/- 10% @ 37.8°C
Prices are higher than shown above for non-standard probe styles

TX Probe Styles (Units are Inches.):
-2: Surface Mount (1 SQ x .14 Max thick; 4 holes at corners of .75 SQ)
std: SST Sheath (1.25 x .187 DIA) [Standard (std) for TX Series]
-4: SST Sheath w/Mounting Tab (1.25 x .187 DIA; Tab: .75 x .375)
-6: Aluminum Sheath (1.25 x .25 SQ; hole .25 from end)
-7: Immersible SST Sheath (6.5 x .187 DIA; .125 NPT)
-76: Nickle Plated Eyelet (.88 x .187 DIA)
-81: Eyelet with 1/8 NPT (.5 x .187 DIA; .125 NPT)
-82: Nickle Plated Eyelet (.88 x .215 DIA)

The TXX Probe Style is not available from stock at this time.

Consult for additional or special mechanical probe configurations.

DC Load Temperature Controllers for TEC, peltier modules, fans, or resistive heaters, etc. Proportional & On/Off control.

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SKU  Volts(v)  Amperes(A)  °C
5C7-195 1-28v 10A -40-150°

5R7-001 0-36v 25A -50-300°
5R7-002 0-36v 25A -50-300°

5R7-388 0-36v 25A -200-400°

5C7-582 9-36v 28A+ -50-300°

5R7-570 3-28v 12.5A -20-150°

5R7-350 0-24v 7.5A -20-100°
5R7-347 0-24v 7.5A 0-120°