About McShane, Inc
About McShane, Inc.

Founded by Philip Johnson in 1964, McShane, Inc. supplies process control equipment, OEM devices, and industry services from our location south of Cleveland, Ohio. We supply electronic equipment to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well as universities, R&D Labs, Q&A Departments, individuals, and government agencies. Our primary focus has always been the OEM market, and for that reason you will often see mention of our ability to custom build or modify controllers. This is generally done by means of a Non-Recurring Engineering fee (NRE).

In the most recent reports from customers who are running comparison tests, our controllers are said to consistently outperform and outclass the competition. We are proud of the high quality of our products, their performance, their reliability; and we work hard to provide our products and services at a very reasonable price. If you are an OEM, you can be sure that if you are including our products in yours that you are providing your customer with a solid piece of engineering, backed by our commitment to excellence.

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DC Load Temperature Controllers for TEC, peltier modules, fans, or resistive heaters, etc. Proportional & On/Off control.

Descriptive Indexes and Searches

SKU  Volts(v)  Amperes(A)  °C
5C7-195 1-28v 10A -40-150°

5R7-001 0-36v 25A -50-300°
5R7-002 0-36v 25A -50-300°

5R7-388 0-36v 25A -200-400°

5C7-582 9-36v 28A+ -50-300°

5R7-570 3-28v 12.5A -20-150°

5R7-350 0-24v 7.5A -20-100°
5R7-347 0-24v 7.5A 0-120°