R7-350 & 5R7-347
Model 5R7-350
Model 5R7-347
(up to 10.4 Amperes)

Model 5R7-350A
Model 5R7-347A
(includes dial)
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The Model 5R7-350 Series controllers are general purpose, low cost, open board temperature controllers especially designed to operate with thermoelectric (Peltier effect, or TEC) modules. They use a TR67 Series temperature sensor for a temperature range of -20°C to 100°C. There is also a Model 5R7-347 Series that is similar to the Model 5R7-350 Series temperature controller but uses a TR104 Series temperature sensor for a temperature range of 0°C to 120°C.

These controllers are compatible with peltier modules, resistive heaters, fans, and many other DC voltage devices that proportionately alter operation based on the amount of power supplied. 

Most peltier modules may be operated in either a cooling mode or a heating mode depending on current direction. The 5R7-350 Series may be field configured for either of these operating modes.

These controllers were designed with a proportional / integral control algorithm to provide the best control at the most economical cost. Either a fixed or adjustable proportional bandwidth and integral rate permits optimizing individual thermal systems.

The controllers are capable of providing up to 7.5 amperes of current for modules rated at 12 through 24 volts DC with a mounting plate temperature of 25°C. Additional external heat sinking will permit operating load currents in excess of 10 amperes. The actual controller remains functional over an input voltage range of 9 to 24 volts DC.

Mechanical Specifications


For a small but intelligent TEC controller with either heat only or automatic bi-phase heat and cool, consider a customized version of a 5R7-001 Series controller. For an NRE, we can provide custom, PC compatible controllers with a much smaller footprint than our standard controllers. Interfaces include RS485, RS232, and I2C. The interface is used to set up the controller or to monitor the temperature. Otherwise, a configured controller can run standalone.

Full featured / Low Cost.

Implementation Notes

Mechanical Specifications

For general information about power supplies see our Library page: Power Supply Notes.

MULTIPLE SET POINTS: Since the temperature is set using a potentiometer, and the heat and cool mode is determined by a jumper, it is relatively easy to make a circuit that allows you to easily switch between two or more temperature settings. Here is an example of a circuit for switching between two temperatures where the heat or cool mode does not need to be changed: ...
Circuit for 5R7-350A with 2 Temperature Settings.



Note: Prices shown are for the controllers only.  Sensors, TE modules and power supplies may be available but are not included in the controller pricing.

Lead Time: The 5R7-350 and 5R7-350A are generally in stock and can be shipped in 2 to 4 days ARO. The other controllers are not generally maintained in volume in stock. Out of stock items may have a 1 to 4 week lead time.

Click here for TR67 Series Sensor Housings and Prices (-20°C to 100°C Range)
Click here for TR104 Series Sensor Housings and Prices (0°C to 120°C Range)

Model 5R7-350 (-20°C to 100°C using TR67 Series Sensors)
Model 5R7-347 (0°C to 120°C using TR104 Series Sensors)
   Quantity 01 price:  each
   Lower prices are available at higher volume starting at quantity 2.

Model 5R7-350A (-20°C to 100°C using TR67 Series Sensors)
Model 5R7-347A (0°C to 120°C using TR104 Series Sensors)
Kit includes controller, cable, knob, potentiometer and Celsius dial decal.
   Quantity 01 price:  each
   Lower prices are available at higher volume starting at quantity 2.

Additional dial scale assemblies (including cable and scale) can be ordered.
Model Numbers:
"Dial Scale Assy for the -350A"
"Dial Scale Assy for the -347A"
  • Price: $ Ask.

    DC Load Temperature Controllers for TEC, peltier modules, fans, or resistive heaters, etc. Proportional & On/Off control.

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    SKU  Volts(v)  Amperes(A)  °C
    5C7-195 1-28v 10A -40-150°

    5R7-001 0-36v 25A -50-300°
    5R7-002 0-36v 25A -50-300°

    5R7-388 0-36v 25A -200-400°

    5C7-582 9-36v 28A+ -50-300°

    5R7-570 3-28v 12.5A -20-150°

    5R7-350 0-24v 7.5A -20-100°
    5R7-347 0-24v 7.5A 0-120°