5CX-146, 5CX-147, 5C1-146 & 5C1-147
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The 5CX-140 Series was designed to offer proportional action control at the lowest cost consistent with good component quality. Specifically designed for OEM and industrial applications, these controllers are completely encased and the very compact modules are available in two package configurations for custom installation by the user.

Both 120 VAC and 230 VAC modules are available. The  "zero voltage firing" proportional control circuitry is completely solid state to ensure maximum controller and heater life. An operating ambient temperature range of 0°C to +50°C is compatible with most industrial applications.

Standard TX and TP series sensors afford control temperature ranges from -65°C to +260°C (-85°F to +500°F). Coarse and fine set temperature adjustments permit precise control of temperature settings. The adjustable bandwidth control of 2°C to 10°C allows the user to adjust the sensitivity of the controllers to optimize individual thermal systems.

In summary, here are the features:

Technical Description

The controllers of this series employ a unique technique of obtaining proportional control at economical costs. Refer to the simplified schematic diagram below. A thermistor sensor is used in a resistance sensing bridge network with coarse and fine set temperature adjustment potentiometers. The sensing bridge integrates the sensing thermistor signal and feedback information from the output of the electronics. This signal is an input to a differential amplifier. Zero crossing information is combined with the temperature control signal and the combined signal causes the triac to conduct as the line voltage passes through zero.

Proportional action in this design is derived by sampling the pulses from the control electronics, shaping the sampled pulses, and combining this signal with the sensing bridge signal. In this way, the controller has the ability to supply the correct average power to the load without causing cyclic variation in the temperature at the sensor, meeting the requirements of proportional control.

Implementation Notes

Mechanical Configuration (Standard).
Mechanical Configuration (Flanged - add "FL" as suffix to model number).
Installation Notes.
Heat Sink Considerations.

With the -A option two additional wires are provided. This is for the "coarse" adjust of the setpoint temperature. A single-turn potentiometer provides the same resolution as the small setpot would have provided. Resistors in addition to the potentiometer could be used to limit the setpoint temperature range of the potentiometer. For reasonable repeatability over the entire temperature range in setting the temperature it is recommended that a 10 turn potentiometer and 10 turn dial be used.


Qty 1
120 VAC 1,800 Watts 15 Amps TP 5C1-146
120 VAC 1,800 Watts 15 Amps TX 5CX-146*
208/230 VAC 3,450 Watts 15 Amps TP 5C1-147
208/230 VAC 3,450 Watts 15 Amps TX 5CX-147*


Flange Mounting: Model suffix "FL" provides flange mounting at no additional charge. For an illustration of flange mounting see the  Implementation Notes. Example of Model Number w/Flange suffix: 5CX-146FL.
Remote Setpoint Temperature Adjust: Model suffix "A" provides 2 additional wires that are used with a customer supplied 5KOhm potentiometer to set the temperature. The customer supplied potentiometer replaces the "coarse" adjust of the controller. There is no additional charge for this version. Example of Model Number w/Remote Adjust suffix: 5C1-147A.
Open Sensor Protection: Model suffix "P" provides open sensor protection by turning output power off when an open sensor is detected. This adds $10 to the price of the controller. Example of Model Number w/Open Sensor Protection suffix: 5CX-147P.

A Few Example Model Numbers: 5CX-147, 5C1-147A, 5C1-147P, 5CX-146FL, 5C1-146APFL.

Interchangeability Tolerance: 

All TP probes, TX0A, TX0, TX1A . . . +/- 10% @ 25°C 
TX2 . . . +/- 10% @ 37.8°C
Prices are higher than shown for non-standard probe styles -

TX and TP Probe Styles (Accept for TXX. Units are Inches.):
std:Epoxy Dipped (1 Max. x .19 DIA Max.) [Standard for TP Series]
-2: Surface Mount (1 SQ x .14 Max thick; 4 holes at corners of .75 SQ)
-3: SST Sheath (1.25 x .187 DIA) [Standard (std) for TX Series]
-4: SST Sheath w/Mounting Tab (1.25 x .187 DIA; Tab: .75 x .375)
-6: Aluminum Sheath (1.25 x .25 SQ; hole .25 from end)
-7: Immersible SST Sheath (6.5 x .187 DIA; .125 NPT)
-76: Nickle Plated Eyelet (.88 x .187 DIA)
-81: Eyelet with 1/8 NPT (.5 x .187 DIA; .125 NPT)
-82: Nickle Plated Eyelet (.88 x .215 DIA)

Consult for additional or special mechanical probe configurations.



Lower prices are available at higher volume.

DC Load Temperature Controllers for TEC, peltier modules, fans, or resistive heaters, etc. Proportional & On/Off control.

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SKU  Volts(v)  Amperes(A)  °C
5C7-195 1-28v 10A -40-150°

5R7-001 0-36v 25A -50-300°
5R7-002 0-36v 25A -50-300°

5R7-388 0-36v 25A -200-400°

5C7-582 9-36v 28A+ -50-300°

5R7-570 3-28v 12.5A -20-150°

5R7-350 0-24v 7.5A -20-100°
5R7-347 0-24v 7.5A 0-120°