Model 5C7-255
(15 Amperes)

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The Power Block (model 5C7-255) temperature controller uses an "RS232 communications interface", allowing it to be configured for different modes of operation using your personal computer (PC). The standard console program runs in MS-DOS (either directly in DOS or from within Window's). Once the controller is configured, the PC may then be disconnected, leaving the controller as a stand-alone unit.

Menu Tree for the console program.

The personal computer permits the monitoring of actual temperature, set temperature, percent of power applied to the load and alarm status. It allows selection of the set temperature, turning output power on or off, canceling an alarm condition (by silencing the PC audio alarm), tuning the controller parameter settings, and displaying the current sensor selection.

The tuning of control parameters includes selection of the proportional bandwidth, integral gain in repeats per minute, or the on/off control hysteresis. There is also a controller configuration command for additional optional settings.

The configuration mode allows the operator to select the desired temperature sensor, type of inputs for the application, select a variety of alarm functions, set controlled temperature limits, label the controller with an identifying name, select either a heat or cool mode, plus select, enable or change a security password.

 Additional configuration options include the selection of any one of up to three different temperature sensors for operation over temperature ranges of -20 to +110°C, +50°C to +225°C, or +70°C to 300°C. The choice of inputs may be for a single control thermistor input, two thermistor inputs for differential control, a control thermistor input plus a remote potentiometer input, or two thermistor inputs, one being for control while the other is used as a monitor.

Simplified illustrations of the 4 configurations.

Alarm selections consist of no-alarm functions, a fixed type for a high or low condition, or a tracking type which moves with the set temperature at a selectable offset. It also allows the setting of either a high or low temperature alarm point with auto reset, enabling the PC audio, and/or disabling the output to the load when in an alarm condition. In the tracking alarm mode, the high side delta and low side delta may be set, plus the PC audio and the disable output selections.

Controller limits may be used to set maximum and minimum temperature limits within the sensor range for a particular application. Maximum and minimum limits can be set for alarm conditions or for an alarm deadband.

Dial scale on label is customer definable, and changeable for different applications.

Enlarged Photo of the Power Block. 

In summary, here are the features:

Implementation Notes
The buyer should be able to rig up the appropriate connections:



A console program for configuring and monitoring the controller comes with the unit, but you can go beyond the program provided and control the temperature controller by means of your own software:

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